MY VISTA MyVista is a ‘social entrepeneur’ who produces 3-D prosthetic hands for chidren with disabilities from low-income families. They hoping that ‘the hand’ will gain the confidence to the recipients in interactions with peers and represent a big part in the community.


Year established 2013
Date appointed as Sadaqa House change-maker 20th September 2019
Specific project under Sadaqa House To provide financial assistance to produce 3-D prosthetic arm for disabled children from family of asnaf fakir and miskin.
Brief background MyVista was established as a “social entrepreneur”. MyVista main mission is producing a 3-D printed prosthetic hands and arms with lower cost as to help the physically-disabled, especially those who are from underprivileged families. With such contributed 3-D prosthetic arm, emotion and self-esteem of the disabled children would uplift and they will enjoy education without hesitation