MERCY MISSION MALAYSIA The ‘Feeding to Educate’ program under the ‘Charity Right’ project run by Mercy Mission Malaysia (Mercy) is aimed at addressing the issue of malnutrition among school children and at the same time ensuring school attendance as well as strengthening relationships between teachers amd parents. The project focuses on addressing nutritional deficiencies among children from the B40 family as well as providing food assistance to identified families to ensure their children attend school. Recipient: Low-income families with school-going children


Year established 2012
Date appointed as Sadaqa House change-maker 20th September 2019
Specific project under Sadaqa House To provide financial assistance to address malnutrition issue among primary school children from family of asnaf fakir and miskin.
Brief background Mercy Mission Malaysia is implementing its project for the food assistance with conditional upon consistent attendance to school and monthly food assistance ensures the children receive enough nutrients for their growth and development. This will lead to better learning and allows stronger bonds and relationships between the parents and teachers. By reducing the rate of absence to schools, children will get quality education and would be able to change the lifecycle of their families.