YAYASAN INSTITUT JANTUNG NEGARA IJN Foundation comprises a board of 13 trustees headed by a chairman that acts as a committee to manage the Foundation’s fund raising activities, payment and disbursement of the Trust Fund to those who qualify for financial assistance in accordance to the Foundation’s objectives.


Year established Institut Jantung Negara Foundation (IJNF) was established in 1995
Date appointed as Sadaqa House change-maker 9th January 2018
Specific project under Sadaqa House To provide financial assistance to paediatric congenital heart disease patients from asnaf fakir and miskin to undergo heart surgery at Institut Jantung Negara (IJN).
Brief background IJNF was set-up with a mission to raise philanthropic support for the care of heart patient at the IJN. IJNF is one of the earliest change-maker collaborate with Sadaqa House during the establishment of Sadaqa House. Our collaboration with IJNF is focusing on kid patients from underprivileged families. It is our ardent hope, with financial assistance from Sadaqa House, those kids can undergo heart surgery smoothly so they can grow healthy and enjoy education like their other peers.